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Rabbit Control Services Tilbury | We are a family run pest control business, specialising in rabbit control while also providing Deer and Fox control services. We are dedicated to providing a quality vermin control service to farmers, landowners, local councils and homeowners. Utilising traditional methods our services cover Fox, Rabbit and Deer control.

Rabbits are nocturnal and will feed on just about any plant they can reach. Succulent pansies, any vegetable or fruit and most ground cover plants are all targets for hungry grazing rabbits. Since they strike at night, rabbits may go unnoticed for weeks.

Eventually, the landowner may notice plants are simply disappearing or dying. We can come and take your rabbits away and make sure you no longer have a problem.

Whatever the vermin problem, we can deal with it for you!

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The Rabbit population is increasing, and it is generally accepted that there is a need to control them.

The means of control include ferreting, snaring, gassing and shooting. Because of the size of the effort required, and the rabbit's inherent capacity for population increase, complete eradication is impractical. Instead, the aim should be to reduce rabbit numbers to levels at which damage is economically acceptable.

We deal with high volume rabbit removal and are one of the best rabbit catching teams in the UK. We can remove hundreds of rabbits literally in a single day without the use of chemicals. We take your problem away swiftly and humanely while saving you vast amounts of money in lost vegetation and land damage.

Rabbits do not respect boundaries and the most effective results will be achieved if management action is undertaken on adjoining land at the same time.

If you can arrange with your neighbours, we can effectively remove more of the threat by dealing with the neighbouring warrens. We can reduce your rabbit population immediately and then keep it under control with regular agreed visits.

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After finding frontline has lost its effectiveness and being infested with fleas we contacted rugby pest control who promptly fumigated our house and advised us on more effective flea treatments for the future. We would highly recommend Rugby Pest Control to anyone looking for a solution to their flea problem
Mr Cassidy - Leamington Spa
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